Nadia. 21. Born March 8th. Cali Born&Raised. College life. Music is everything.
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all of my beautiful followers should start messaging me, because I can’t sleep, i’m stressed, I don’t have a phone, and i’m bored. 

talk to me, don’t be shy. I won’t bite. I promise. 

Send me a ‘♥’ if you’d date me or if you’re my tumblr crush. anon or not. <3

So I posted this a few months ago lets see wassup! lets see if anyone really does like me. I doubt anyone does like me or would date me. but yeahs. ;3 

i’m so bored. i have 950+ followers and none of yall are talking„ why?! omg nkewgjadu TALK TO ME. PLEASE! <3 

send me some love!

tell me a secret. show me some love. give me your opinions. just anything DO IT!

wahhs, i’m so alone atm. to be honest, I just want to be cute with someone! like to flirt and be cute with all day and all night and be on the phone till we fall asleep. anyone down? yes, I am asking tumblr. because its my last resort and idk who to go to. ); 

my followers should become more and more chatty, please and thank you?! <3 (: 

I’m bored, send me some asks or secrets or love or hate. I don’t care, just entertain me please? c; 

Send me a ‘♥’ if you’d date me or if you’re my tumblr crush. anon or not. <3

OMG! my followers should totally talk to me, please? c;

i’ve been getting nice anons these past couple weeks

i feel loved. teehee. SEND ME MORE ASKS. anon or not. questions, comments, stories. i’m here to listen and i appreciate all compliments, i will not care to take the hate. so send some love. <3