Nadia. 21. Born March 8th. Cali Born&Raised. College life. Music is everything.
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Anonymous asked: I was wondering how did you get spencer charnas to kiss you?? did you just ask him?? im so jealous!!

Oh my it was at the 2012 Scream It Like You Mean It tour in San Diego. I didn’t know of em that well. But I saw them at their booth and they like forced me to buy merch and made me stay to listen to them live. They told me they’ll give me free things. And I thought Spencer was such a doll I just asked him for a picture and if he good possibly kiss me on le cheek and he said OMG sure (‘: hahaha. 

Anonymous asked: 2, 24, 34, 35, 39

2: Ever been in love? yes. ~

24: Turn on? Is it supposed to be what turns me on?  Eyes, personality, smile, tattoos, piercings, humor, uhmm. yeahs. 

34: Last person you talked to? Someone on tumblr a few minutes ago? haha. 

35: The relationship between you and the person you last texted? Hmm, good friends. ~ 

39: Do you have a crush? I’m single and flirty. and no one atm is catching my eye. I fall hard fast for people so I avoid crushes and what not. 

Anonymous asked: 1 and 42

Hi this is me. Sorry. image

Anonymous asked: Have you ever given a blow job?

N O P E! I have not. 

Anonymous asked: Aww thank you and your welcome and do you really want to know who sent it because if so I can come off anon but if u don't mind just don't post it on hear :) if you don't mind

omg omg omg! of course! i hate when nice people are on anon because then i can’t talk to them privately. also i think i know who you are idk ;3 

Anonymous asked: Same person that sent the cute .... Funny , pretty , beautiful personality :) and last but not lest smart :)

ohh awhhs wait hii you’re so sweet and cute! c; who are you? 

Anonymous asked: This is for the anonymosly post ..... -------> Cute :)

omg ohhh awhhhhs c:

Anonymous asked: i'm afraid to talk to you because i think you wont accept me.

omg omg. like I said to the other anon. I really don’t judge and accept every! (: so feel free to talk off of anon. only if you’d like. c:

Anonymous asked: Are you into guys or girls? Because that would determine things.

i’m into guys. but i love girls they are perf and attractive. it doesn’t really matter. just come off anon I don’t judge. <3 (:  

Anonymous asked: I would date you.. not that you would want someone like me..

omg omg omg. who are you and how do you know?! come off anon. 

Anonymous asked: can you post a pic of your boobs?

uhm. I don’t know. can i? ;3 haha.

Anonymous asked: do you have an instagram?

Yessir! its on my profile. but its @nadiazombie 

Anonymous asked: fuck me? you are so pretty.

imagethank you doe. c;  

Anonymous asked: are you a virgin?

yessir, I am. 

Anonymous asked: you're annoying.

thats cute.